Vote to see scripts and sketches!

Vote to see scripts and sketches!

Oh dear…

This was an interesting page for me to script properly as the first page is hitting you with a situation and a person both of which are probably very unfamiliar to you. You have to build the story from somewhere and this is where I intend to do it.

Don’t forget to vote! You’ll get to see the original script for this page as well as the sketch.

As well as writing for this, I’m participating in a scripting workshop being run by Fatebreaker‘s Lunar over at the Sage Webcomic Collective. The workshop encourages would be and beginner writers to pick and write a 10 page one off script on a specific theme. Final drafts have to be in by the 14th of March (I presume anyway, best to be cautious) and I’ve chosen the theme “Never give up.”

It should be pretty interesting and hopefully I can make something which can stand up to the standards expected!