Vote for original script and sketch!

Vote for original script and sketch!

And now they’re bombarding her with cricket smack talk! Oh ul-Haq you cad!

This I felt was reasonably important as Cricket is a massive game in the Asian sub-continent and the likes of India & Pakistan are the two major financial power players behind the game with big television contracts with News Corp and ESPN oiling the wheels to Cricket domination. Inzaman ul-Haq was Captain of the Pakistan cricket team.

This comic I’ve scheduled (or I hope I’ve scheduled) to be automatically put up by 7am GMT on Monday morning as I’ll be just finishing work at that time. After exhaustive research, I’ve found that most North American webcomics update at 7am GMT so when choosing which time to update I had to choose that. On the bright side, if anyone complains that I haven’t updated the comic at 7am, I can say that its still Monday all day where I am in the world.

Then again, I could turn off GMail and turn on the coverage of the West Indies vs England. Currently watching the third test and a solid partnership being formed by Cook & Strauss acheiving their 13th 50th test partnership. The Kensington Oval at Bridgetown, Barbados is an immensely satisfying venue and being able to watch a sport via the luxury of a nice swimming pool holding a nice an of Banks Beer really does sound like a dream holiday for me. Got to go there one day…

Anyway, I’m waffling now so I’ll let you get on with it and enjoy the comic!