Now that wasn’t a good start to a holiday…unless she signed up for the Taliban theme weekend option in which case she’s getting top dollar!

Now her captors are off to panel four of this page where they’ll go download  and upload all the videos of her dancing in her jim-jams singing to Abba’s “Waterloo” while drunk  from her mobile phone to YouTube. Life can be incredibly cruel sometimes.

I have an interesting dilemma. I’ve just dropped something around the size of £30 on the Patlabor 1 super-duper special edition with lots of crazy stuff including an art book in english by Mamoru Oshi and more. I’m a huge Patlabor fan partly because I saw it before I had even heard of Evangelion and by the time that came out it was all too late for me. Anyway, now I’m tempted to blow more of my money (which I really shouldn’t do) on stuff as a new shop called Tokyo Otaku has come about. I’m not biting and I keep telling myself that it can wait until April but for how long can I keep it up. Time will tell.

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