Sometimes I SERIOUSLY wonder what was going through my head when I write sometimes. Obviously, these nefarious individuals intend to make her good & plump so they can cook her up and have some Yankee soup! Alcohol can be an evil evil thing.

Script workshop update! My first draft was a bit of an interesting one more in that it opened so many more avenues for opportunity and development. It is great to get someone to give what you do a quick fifty-point check up to make sure you can be doing things to the best of your ability. Hopefully draft two will be much better! Lunar has definitely been a huge help though.

Once more do not forget to vote! Juicy and sexy incentives with previous incentives being held in the Wiki! Go check em’ out!

EDIT: You may have noticed site redesign. Well I got spurred on to try and simplify everything and place the focus firmly on the comic so I spent a few hours, made sure the menu bar is up the top and easy to find and use and put it up! It seems to work pretty well and is much faster than the original site. I may gradually add things to it bit by bit..