You know, you go to bed thinking everythings fine that everything is good thing you wake up and find a corpse is staring at you from the doorway!

Fenslerfilm did a lot to me during my university years, Iknow, I’m seeking therapy for it.

So whats been going on down, people? Another weekend comes upon us and I have this for you guys! I’m actually off to Rome and as you read this, I’ll be flying over France giving the French the Agincourt salute as only a patriotic and upstanding Englishman should. Well..maybe not the salute bit. Maybe waving if we fly low enough and knowing Alitalia that will probably be a certainty.

Rome I’ve heard is pretty damn expensive but as I’ve found in a few pricey places there will always be a fantastic bar with cheap beer and mojitos with the owner quite happy to run out of the bar – leaving the punters on their own – to get fresh mint just for you. That happened to me at a bar in Villach, Austria last year. Anyone who might know the name of the bar will get an IOU for a pint off me. Answers on the back of a postcard please!

I’ve been slowly trying to add everything to the web site. I will try to make the “About” section better with a more informative summary of myself and German, I will add more links to the links page and I will try and keep the Wiki up to date (although this is getting to be quite a hard task to be honest!)

Until then, see you all on Monday when I get back!