ANNOUNCEMENT: Comic updating only once a week. Friday will have a sketch & script.

Had to come sooner or later. This was initially what we wanted to do but went for the twice a week updates to drum up interest. Sadly, the buffer, like that on your Nokia Internet Radio app on your mobile, is running out and we need to preserve it so we don’t end up running out before issue 2 is done and end up looking rather silly.

So, here is the schedule:

  • Monday: new page.
  • Wednesday: me doodling ;)
  • Friday: Sketch & Script.

This inevitably means an end to regular incentive updates to the topwebcomics vote-o-matic. I’ll keep the button up because I feel that if people really do like the comic, they’ll like it enough to put a vote in.

Anyway, hope you enjoy this week’s comic, see you Friday for script & sketch!