Well that wasn’t very smart!

Just going to remind you guys that the comic is currently updating on Mondays only. Script & Sketches will come on a Friday.

For all those who got a sneak peak of today’s comic on Sunday afternoon/evening, my apologies! It was meant to be set for 6am GMT on the 13th of April but in the end I left the date set on the 12th by mistake. The result: disaster!

After I had fixed that, I checked out my Project Wonderful stats (I’m addicted to them now) and I’m finding a few interesting links!

Marsh Rocket by Jules Rivera was one of the inspirations when I was writing the script. I’d be there, listening to Manic Street Preachers and Rage against the Machine it’d be one of the five or six comics that I had listed as required reading. I’d reveal the others but I’d rather do that when I have some respectability to do so.

Anyway, imagine my joy and surprise when Jules name dropped Hard Graft in her blog! Stunned was the first reaction and then something approaching slightly embarrassed delight. I’m a modest one, me and I’ve had a chat with Jules and taken on board some of her suggestions, always up for getting some crit & suggest to help me crack on with script writing even if its in the middle of someone trying to give me props for me and German’s work!

Finally, the Easter Egg competition is still on! Remember, basically try and count how many Easter Eggs there are in the firs t14 pages of Hard Graft issue one!

Pro-tip: Easter Eggs may come in pairs and attached to someone… ;)

Answers in either an e-mail to me via the contact page or in the comments section below. Winner to be announced on Friday and will win a signed scribble from et moi!