This reminds me of the Great Escape. Seriously. Except Steve McQueen has some woman on the back complaining every time they hit a rock.

Now we know why war heroes ride alone!

We’re currently in countdown to me moving into London and I’m very excited. Whoa, whoa there relax! The comic isn’t going anywhere because even though I’ll spend most of the weekend either working or moving I have scheduled updates in advance! Aren’t I good to you guys? Aren’t I?

The move currently is going to involve:

  • An Xbox 360
  • About loads of volumes of comics and manga.
  • My cheap Daily Record newsposter collection including the classic gem ofJAILED BEAST STALKS WIFE” which is a slight oxymoron but there you go.

Those are just some random items. If I’m listing what I’m taking with me to London then I’m INCREDIBLY excited.