Morning everyone. I hate updates on the Monday morning after three night shifts in a row. I’m so tired, it was a lovely weekend and I only managed to sample barely a dab of the brilliant Bank Holiday goodness. Luckily though work was as quiet as a very quiet thing (as these things tend to be on public holidays) so it wasn’t all bad.

Wallpaper is progressing along and we decided to take a brave decision: no colour. Observe:


We also decided to use two characters, one who has already appeared in the comic but has a beard but as a minor spoiler will lose it soon (Alan) and one who hasn’t appeared (yet, watch this space, she has a GREAT intro). I think it is a highly risky strategy as I am going to run the risk of people staring blankly at the wallpaper and saying “who the hell are these guys?” As well as a few other things but I think its a risk worth taking. More later as it develops.

Got any thoughts so far? Let me know!