…ow. Simply…ow.

Alan does the dirty work, Bernadette may be up there getting nappy rash or whatever but its Alan who gets people out of scrapes with nice moves such as that. A good bit of assistance from Bern of course but we all know Alan had it all in hand anyway.

The wallpaper is progressing well, Rose Loughran of Red Moon Rising fame did the colouring and we’re just tweaking exactly to how me and German like it before we unleash it but we are unsure of one thing. Should it be free or a donation only wall? What do you guys think?

EDIT 16:41 GMT: Suffering from a bad case of cold/manflu but managed to update the previous 25 pages to update them to a roughly 900x1300px size. HD if you will. Hope you enjoy the higher quality that comes from seeing more of the comic..