Seems like Alan isn’t all that impressed with Bernadette’s timing. Just in the nick of time by the looks of it too!


You may or indeed may not know that I was a guest of webcomic/podcast site of choice, Y2cl! They’ve been making funny stuff for over five years and have have recorded over nine podcasts so far in a very fun and well produced way!

Also with me was Rose Loughran of Red Moon Rising fame and the podcast was awesome although Rose’s ecelectic music habits must be recorded onto soon. I am working on it!

In personal news, I got invited to play rugby in Italy during the autumn later this year. This is despite myself having not much actual rugby experience to speak of but the Italian guys, who I met at last year’s Heineken Cup final, were insistent and theres the chance to chill out in Milan and go watch Italy take on the All Blacks at the San Siro so I can’t miss out!

I’m using Google Analytics quite a bit to help me drill down into viewer stats and I found some fun fun figures, specifically who was visiting from where and I’ll reveal all:

  • The top three nations for vistors are the USA, Britain and Canada.
  • The most visitors outside of North America & Europe come from Egypt (71 unique hits since march!) So asaalam to all you nice people!
  • 235 Australians have visited since March…note to self: need to block access to Australians.