None at all. A bit rubbish really.

Well, this wraps up the end of issue one and I hope you’ve all enjoyed this rough and ready introduction into this world I have cast for you all. Cast is a little too grand a word to use, maybe written or created? I don’t know, it is a bit of a heavy evening seeing something you’ve worked on come to life and you get those feelings of (emo) dread which I won’t bore you with.

Issue two is at the finishing line with the first pages (almost) ready. We’re racing for a start date of the 8th so fingers crossed! On Friday, I’m going to release some of the sketches for issue two and I’m sure you’ll love them as much as I did.

If you like it, hate it or hold no feelings whatsoever then let me know by comment or by contact form. I need feedback to know if I am doing this right as I am a beginner in all this.