The original idea for this came from an obscure British comedy which ran back in the early 2000′s which was a kind of remixed ultra modern news satire show with lots of random graphs and so on. One of them was a pie chart showing a public survey which asked the question: now the IRA has declared an end to war, what should it do now? The answers were:

  1. Become a third world charity
  2. Hit broadway for IRA: The musical

Naturally, I opted for number three. Obviously, this gives a huge clue as to the origins of our gal but rest assured, like that catsuit/swimsuit/wetsuit/whatever it is that she’s got on, nothing is all that it seems.

Sorry for the lateness but I was late for work yesterday so I had to rush out and completely forgot to upload today’s comic! Usually I upload it on Sunday evening GMT and it comes up usually by the time I get home. This time sadly it didn’t work out like that but, such is life.

Also fixed is the issue of the pages 1,4,5 and 22 not appearing. They should be back. Big thanks to Azaz31 for pointing this out!

I’m happy to say that the message to Iranians posted on Friday was a big success and was re-tweeted quite a bit on Twitter #iranelection. I can’t thank W.Byron of 1977 the webcomic enough for taking the time out to do such a brilliant and subtle piece. I’m glad that I got the Farsi right too…I think.

As ever, any comments you guys have just shoot them on over and I’ll take a look and may even reply!