…well someone isn’t impressed. Must be jeeaaloouuss! </3



Its here, donate $1 or more to get!

The last few days haven’t exactly been my best I must admit as the heatwave that swept the nation kept me up all night. On the plus side, all the sweating lost me half a stone but on the negative side I look like a dead man due to lack of sleep. Turkish coffee from Tunisia is keeping me going (cheers Mum <3 ) and I’m managing to keep things going.

Oh! If I wanted to have a bottle of beer right now I’d have something REALLY bloody awesome to show you but I can’t because I’m on the wagon for the next 36 hours :’< maybe Friday.

On the good news side, the wallpaper is finally complete. Finally. We had to add holsters to our gal before we could proceed but I’m pleased with the results. Again this will be a donation wall but this is in colour this time. Seriously. I swear.

This brings me to my next announcement: The last page of this comic WILL be in colour. There. I said it. Hold me to this promise, fearless audience and flay me alive a thousand times if I fail to live up to it.