…the term “dicker” and “dicked” is a slang term used by British soldiers when talking about enemy spotters and being spotted. Its use reached its zenith in Northern Ireland when an Army patrol would spot that they were being observed. Whether it were grown men watching from a bar or a building site or indeed a kid on a bike its the same the world over. The term has been “rediscovered” in Afghanistan since the resurgence of the Taliban.

In any case, things aren’t looking good for that small town/village. This page is going to serve as part of a series of pages illustrating the characters in the middle in what is right now a very bitter and dirty war between the two sides. Much like how The Good, the Bad and the Ugly was set in the middle of the mayhem and chaos of the US Civil War in fact.

Recently, I’ve gotten some feedback and questions about the grenade that was used in issue 1. The F1 grenade is a Soviet design from the 2nd World War which has since been out of production but has been copied across the world where there has been Soviet influence. The Chinese, Cubans and North Koreans for example made extensive copies and distributed them to their allies in Africa and East Asia. Many were given to the many and various combatants in Afghanistan through its long and brutal wars in the latter 20th century and are still being used against American, Commonwealth and NATO troops for example, these were confiscated by 45 Commando, Royal Marines when on patrol in Helmand province a few months ago:


Hopefully this should have answered everyone’s questions. If anyone is interested, then I suggest that people follow the link to the original article from the Sunday Herald.