Ah! Gaddafi, supplier to the rich and famous terror groups across the globe. If the French and Israelis won’t sell to you then these chaps probably will…or at least used to anyway.

The weapons featured in this strip are a Benelli SPAS-12 shotgun and a Pakistann license made Rheinmetall MG3 which looks like this and is probably one of the most capable machine guns in the world (gympy not withstanding). True, the Benelli is kind of out of character but who knows what may turn up in those sneaky arms shipments, eh?

In other news (apart from England winning the Ashes back, see below) I have a SERIOUS ANNOUNCEMENT!

Right, that caught your attention. Basically German is very busy for the next two weeks or so which means that we may not get fresh comics until mid to late September! Relax, don’t do it, when you want to go to it because I’m trying to arrange adequate cover thanks to my good friends on t’internet and when has t’internet ever let me down?

Anyway, to recap:

  1. This will be the last proper page for two/three weeks.
  2. The comic IS STLL GOING, I WILL be posting on a regular basis to remind you that I’m still here.
  4. We’re getting cover from other artists to help fill the gaps and scratch that Hard Graft itch!