…I feel another zany adventure coming on!

EDIT: Did I mention that the first panel cracks me up every time I look at it. Utter genius by German, muchos muchos…er..laugh..erm..os..

Poor Kath, she never gets a break. I’m wondering how she ever gets any work done with her talent for being kidnapped at every possible opportunity. I guess it comes with the job. Robert Fisk never had this kind of trouble, then again during the recent protests in Iran, when every reporter and news organisation was heading for the hills due to the apparent clampdown on foriegn press, ol’ Robbie Fisk of the UK Independent roamed around Tehran (complete with his trademark scowl and ability to condemn a yak from 50 yards) at will. He never got lifted.

Anyway, my apologies for the delay for yet again I was late coming back from work. Nightshifts can be a killer but such is life. At least the weather is good.

On a lighter note, Alex is off to Indonesia today so lets all wish her a safe journey and a happy holiday swimming with sharks and manta rays (actually, stay away from the rays, yo).