EDIT: For the record, Alan and the shopkeeper are exchanging traditional greetings. It isn’t quite as orthodox as what you’ll read on t’internet but there you go. Also, Bernadette’s..er..greeting is probably par for the course for the relations between..well..any of the nations of the British Isles.

…sorry for the late nature of this comic this week but there was an emergency of kinds revolving work, the cricket and so on.

Sadly, the 3rd day was rained off and I spent my of my day at Edgbaston stadium getting wet with 20,998 other fans most of whom were dressed as:

  • Bannanas (“England’s Bannana Army”)
  • Queen Elizabeth II (there was a “gang” of ten of them, complete with tiaras and silk gloves)
  • Elvis
  • “Bumble’s barmy builders” (complete with moustaches and sunglasses)
  • The village people.
  • Bo Derrick lookalikes from the 1980s (“wanna get physical, physical!“)

So yeah, despite the rain and the lack of Aussie bashing (most of the Aussies had beat a wise retreat to drier climes such as the pub) fun was had by all. Still though that meant catching a train that evening to rush down south to catch work and then rush here and so here I am, hurriedly lettering (badly) this weeks page! Hope you enjoy it!