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If you ain’t got a shaped charge and you can’t get in via any other way you either blow the door off with a shotgun…or you shouldn’t even be going in that way in the first place. This introduces a nice bit of CQB (Close Quarter Battle) which I have gleamed off of various people. I had wanted to use a shaped frame charge al la Princes Gate in the 1980s but as there probably aren’t that many windows on this building that are intact, it wouldn’t have had the desired effect.

Thus, I used the next best thing which is removing a door via a shotgun. I’m a fan of it and so are the SAS so that is good enough for me.

Went to the Nottingham Beer Festival this weekend past and had a merry time of it. Lots and lots of different ales and ciders were around and there were a great selection of Porters and Milds which I really liked.

I’ll post more later, in the meantime, enjoy!