Yes well we all knew she had it coming after all that sleazy leather/spandex/PVC wearing…or is she? Tune in same bat time!

Okay, I know what this looks like but theres a reason why the FX is “RATATATA” and not “K-BOOM *KERCHACK*”. This is because the pages are done in batches and currently every time Bern shoots someone with the shotgun, the FX will be “RATATATA”, as I said before this WILL be changed.

This almost brings up page 40. I’m so close to that magical 50 pages I can almost taste it! Looking forward to doing the next 50 pages too!

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m going to do a very very small print run of the first two issues primarily to sell at the 2010 UK Webcomix Thing. If there are any left over, I’ll let you know but because of the small volumes availible there may not be any left to sell to you guys. Still though, if you do want one and want to tell me how much you’d pay for a 54 page, A5 B&W perfect bound book then let me know by voting below!

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