Sorry this took so long but there was a bit of confusion between me and German about what I wanted to do for the last 4 or 5 pages. That and he was being lazy or drunk in charge of a pencil in which case best results ever! We need to feed him more drink!

Basically what I want to do is show the sketchwork, then the inks and then the final version. Page 44 WILL be in colour come hell or high water and thats going to be especially exciting as you get to see the page over 4 iterations. This way we keep track of the final part of issue 2 but we also get to see how German does things with the art side and I think we’ll all be the better for it :)

In other news ZOMBIELAND WAS AWESOME! Now, while I feel like the guy who got told that WW2 ended about two years late and charged into Piccadilly Circus in 1947 screaming “WOOO ITS OVER!” it really is absolutely superb even if it took me almost to the point where it was about to come to the end of its Cinema run for me to see it. Combining the best of Shaun of the Dead, Scrubs and other comedy into an awesome (yet educational) package about Zombies! Superb.