Alan loves a bit of DAKKA DAKKA (or to be more accurate BRAKKA BRAKKA or BRAAAAAAAAAAKA). Do you?

This marks the start of our third big action scene, this time showing how well two people can do if they make intelligent use of firepower and surprise. Note that Bern has already got herself in position as Alan mops up the rest of the guards!

In other news the WebComic Readers Choice Awards 2009 have started in earnest in the nominations stage! Its being hosted on and as in previous years competition is stiff.

Me and German have been nominated in several categories:

  • Best New Comic (Hard Graft)
  • Best Writing (Peter Vine)
  • Best Art (German Erramouspe)
  • Best Protagonist (Alan Corbett)

If you want to nominate us again, please do, just go to, sign up and simply nominate us! When the time comes, we’ll be demanding that you guys vote for us as well!

Also, was interviewed by the good chaps at TGT Webcomics podcast! It was a great interview and I was slightly tipsy though as I had been out previously drinking the safe return of one of my flatmates. Check it out anyway!