Alan doesn’t get along well with these locals very well to be honest , fuu :(

Sorry for the extreme lateness of this strip but I was away from the flat all weekend and Monday. And guess where the page was? You’re right.

It hasn’t been all doom and gloom..well it has mostly with England losing to the old enemy. No, not syphilis but Australia. A disgraceful state of affairs! And to think we put this whole issue behind us when we won the Ashes earlier this year :-/

But on other fronts, things have been progressing well. I should have something nice to show you all at the end of the week and may well have something nice to give out..maybe. Stay tuned for that one.

Also, paradoxically, ANZAC biscuits are ace.

While we’re at it, can we all vote for Hard-Graft in best new webcomic in the WCRCAs? Cheers. Oh well..