And just when you thought she had gotten away too..fate can be fickle to some and plucky redheads are no exception!

Fourty-one pages in and I can’t believe we’ve come so far! But now is not the time for resting on our laurels! No, its time to get cracking and galvanise the fanbase into voting for Hard Graft in the 2009 Webcomic Readers Choice Awards!

The awards Hard Graft are nominated for are:

  • Best Art (for German’s stellar black and white work)
  • Best New Webcomic (for both of us really)
  • Best Protagonist (Alan Corbett)
  • Best Writing (for my writing work!)

Heres how to get involved:

  1. Go to
  2. Either log in if you have an existing account or sign up here –
  3. When you have logged in, navigate to the WCRCA voting area!
  4. Vote for your comic (or comics) in all categories!
  5. Celebrate and have a good pint of Theakstons Old Peculiar to celebrate. If you don’t drink “alcohol” then…then…stop generalising and start drinking!