And that wraps up issue two. Another 22 pages in the can and issue 3’ll chat about that on Friday. My apologies about the lack of a colour page but this is being remedied ASAP so check back in the next 24/48 hours. UPDATE: COLOUR PAGE IS HERE! BASK IN ALL ITS GLORY!

And so, like a pheonix from the ashes, Bernadette emerges and she isn’t very pleased but then again if you had been pulled back into a burning building by a bloodied Talibob psychopath then you’d be pretty annoyed as well wouldn’t you?

The inspiration for this page came from when I was writing and Muse’s Space Dementia came on, the whole climatic scene just built in my head and the whole thing just wrote itself! Amazing how easy things were back then.

EDIT: Please remember to spare a thought for the tens of thousands of Iranians who will go out onto the streets today to protest against the reigime and campaign for a free Iran. They’re braver than I’ll ever be. If you know anyone who lives in Iran, please pass this message on.

Anyway, thanks once again for coming along and reading and please tune in on Friday when I’ll explain where Hard Graft will be going next!