Strong opinions abound in this strip right from the start.

Now, some of the references here may not get the most..uh..positive of reactions but to put this in perspective: these aren’t the views of either the author or the artist whoever they may be. We’re looking into some of Bernadette’s motivations and we’re getting some of Alan’s professional views into the bargain. That is worth more than its weight in gold.

If you want me to play devils advocate then yes, while both the British Army and Loyalist paramilitaries caused or committed some of the most infamous acts of death and misery in the Troubles I think Bernadette does have a point when you have groups who believe in indiscriminate killing regardless of religion or political affiliation or even nationality then you’ve officially given up the moral high ground. For those who have romantic but ultimately false visions of some sort of heroic “struggle” look no further than the women of the Bogside or Free Derry who were tarred & feathered, I say again tarred & feathered for the crime of being friendly to British Soldiers.

Everyone have their skeletons.

On a lighter note, I thought I’d re-iterate that I’ll be at table number 63 at the UK Webcomix Thing 2010 in Mile End, London on the 27th of March! I’ve already ordered 100 postcards as well as a nice display poster so you won’t confuse me for the utterly superb work that Rose Loughran does at Red Moon Rising. To find out more and to see who else is coming, click below!