Ooooh, shouldn’t have been using a phone at the bar Alan! Naughty! Christmas has been a very busy one for me and lets face it,when you have a turkey, a goose, a glazed ham and a rib joint of beef as well as the usual assortment of steamed veg, cold meat and vegetarian pies and confectionery it can be very very hard to get through. Which is where beer, port and some nice single malts of whisky come in handy.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed your christmas because I definitely enjoyed mine and I’m looking forward to my nice slippers and the books I picked up. Very excited. One is about organised crime in the East End of London.

Good news, I was on the 6th Rampage Network Podcast along with Alex who does Garanos and Iggy who does the webcomic Trout and moonlighted behind the scenes on a really small arthouse movie by a certain Mr James Cameron? Probably never heard of him I guess. Anyway much fun was had and I’ll link you guys to the podcast by twitter when it comes out!

Don’t forget that I’ll be at the Webcomix Thing 2010 in London. I’ve confirmed that I’ll be running a very limited run of books comprising of the first two issues, the first side story and some art. It’ll be a nice introduction to Hard Graft but the quantities will be small. Quite small but the margins are still astoundingly cheap for me. I’m using Fallen Angel Media for the printing.