So here it is, part one of the first Hard-Graft side story. Set in Prague we’re going to be following Bernadette for now. This page also sheds a bit of light into Bern’s mixed heritage, more of which we’ll see in the next few issues. This is drawn and inked by the Jules Rivera, destroyer of worlds and washer of plates! She’s actually running her very own Christmas/wintery storyline on her comic, Marsh Rocket. Go check it out and see what you think!


Meanwhile, we’ve got a vote incentive which is the draft colour of page 44. I think Rose Loughran’s colour work is absolutely superb as we can see in her comic, Red Moon Rising and when you see the completed results I’m sure you’ll agree. Again, apologies for the lateness but the results will be well worth it!

Finally, I’m announcing that I’ll be attending the 2010 Webcomix Thing at Mile End, London on the 27th of March. Tickets are only £3 and I’ll have a few goodies to give away to those smart enough to turn up in time so if you do pop along, swing by table 64 on your way to see Kate Beaton and say hi!