My experience is that the more you try to dissuade a woman from doing something the more resolved they become to do it anyway. Silly Alan.

This focuses on yet another great debate: attitudes on women in situations what require elements of physical effort and violence. Dad, a man of the old school in the time when you still received the rum ration and jumped out of WW2 era blimps during parachute training, was and still is clear in his view: if a woman can successfully complete either P Company (the Parachute Regiment’s¬†selection course) or the Commando course (for the Royal Marine Commando) then by all means, bring em’ on.

Alas (well, according to him anyway although I doubt he’s shedding any real tears about this) no woman has managed to successfully complete either of the above courses.

I am inclined to agree although for different reasons mostly because whoever gets the job should get it because they are of the highest possible standard rather than because of any gender or racial favouratism.

In other news, 100 of these bad boys arrived the other day. Check em’ out:

Also this week I’m expecting 50 badges and 50 fridge magnets which I’ll tweet photos of in due course. This is all for the London Webcomix Thing 2010. I’ve elected to go for cheap to make free merch and a tiny print run of books to sell. I might sell some snake oil but I doubt Rose and Steve (who will be sitting either side of me) will approve of that.

And finally, want to hear me ask Iggy of Trout webcomic for Avatar shirts? Of course you do!