So here is the first page of the 2nd Hard Graft side story: a shattering revelation!

This takes place after the first side story and a weeks before the main storyline so as you can see we’re starting to slowly explain the backstory to Hard Graft. Jules was thrilled because she was getting to see lots of Hard Graft before everyone else. Be jealous everyone!

Tajikistan is a bit of a desperate place. It hasn’t had the oil & gas boom that has made Kazakhstan such a major player and has instead has slowly fallen further within the Russian sphere of influence. It gained independence back in 1991 when the Soviet Union turned into the Commonwealth of Independent States (or CIS) but like many of the former Soviet Republics it turned into an authoritarian regimes run by former local Soviet leaders. A major civil war caused devastation throughout the country and relations between them and neighbouring Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan aren’t really that good. It also has a long border with Afghanistan. So, its a great place to set the beginning of Alan’s adventure in Afghanistan & Pakistan!

In other news, Valentines day was a big surprise for me as Alex came up and surprised me! Took her out for food & drink as any self-respecting boyfriend should and I must say it was one of the best Valentines days ever! How was yours?