Alan likes his cars but Alan likes Jags the most. I remember yeaaaaaars ago when a mates Dad had bought himself a 1991 Jaguar XJS convertable and it was a triumph of hope and ambition over grim reality (i.e. reliability) and it even included this HAL-esque road distance computer which apparently could calculate how far the car could go on its current tank of fuel at its current speed. In practice however if you even looked at the accelerator pedal with a full tank the computer with its orange 1980s analog display would blurt out “0 MILES REMAINING” or something like that. Hilarious.

Thankfully things have improved at Castle Bromwich but it was those hilarious 20 odd years which probably defined Jaguar and the British motor industry in the modern age which is sad because look at any list of the highest quality and most productive car plants in the world and you’ll see Honda’s plant in Swindon, Nissan’s plant in Sunderland and BMW’s plant in Oxford.

In other news, if all goes well there should be a new Pond to Pond up on the site and this week we welcome back Alan Evans from Rival Angels!