And it isn’t looking too good for poor old Yuri now, is it? Alan probably wanting to put the guy out of his misery and considering the state of the guy’s knee I don’t blame him!

After this side story we’ll be going into a period of hiatus until June. The reasons for this are twofold:

  1. I am going on holiday to Japan and need to save some money.
  2. The current economic conditions are making the process of running a comic harder.

My aim is to go into a process of posting what we’ve been doing behind the scenes, some donation art and general filler. Also I’m going to be doing a caption competition which will start on next monday by the latest.


Also ALL BOOKS HAVE NOW BEEN SOLD! Please do not try and send me “moar moneys” as I will have to tearfully return it with a tear in my heart :(


Thanks to everyone who bought them online and at the Webcomix Thing 2010 on Saturday, especially the guy who bought the last one who looked down at me staring at him with sad-puppy-angel-in-the-snow eyes ;.;

If there is enough demand, I’d be up for doing another print run of about 10 books. Maybe. I have enough postcards, magnets and badges left to sweeten the deal anyway.


Now, the Webcomix Thing 2010! How did that go? Well…

Had a phenominal response at the Webcomix Thing 2010. Met lots of people such as Sarah BurriniVeronika Mischitz & the Zwerchfell crew, John Jenkins, the venerable Noel Curry and many many more! I even managed to get (vaguely) near Tom Siddell and gave him a postcard which was sadly instantly taken away by a lackey. Such is life.

Friend and James May look-a-like Bill Boy is planning a webcomic apparently. Huge thanks to him and Steve Dismukes for helping out all day!

The other good news from the Webcomix Thing 2010 is that I SOLD OUT OF MY BOOKS! ALL OF THEM! HONEST! The bad news therefore is that there aren’t any books left. Sorry guys, I may start a pre-order for those who couldn’t get their orders in on time.

Edit (1PM the next day):

Wow, I was quite drunk earlier this morning. Still feel a little tipsy now but I’m still buzzing. Absolutely ecstatic that I sold out and even sold some buttons and magnets.

In other news because I’m amazing/a total spacker, I forgot to bring my stickers! This meant that when the people who had been given Dino-saw-us Passports passed by from time to time I had to improvise so I drew:

  • A smiley face
  • An angry face
  • A head with a fez on it
  • A head with a bomb on it.
  • A head with a top hat and monocle on it
  • A lumberjack baby seal cutting down a tree for a Canadian (arf! arf!)
  • A stick man hanging onto a windmill with clogs on smoking cannabis for a Dutch lady.
  • At least three blocks of steel for Sheffield people.
  • Hacksaw Jim duggan smiley face (complete with 2 x 4 and “USA! USA! USA!”) for an American.
  • Noel & Liam from Oasis having a brawl for a Mancunian.

All in all I think that went pretty well..