Yes well idle chit chat ends up costing valuable time stuck in a NGO traffic jam. Another Bob Shepherd lesson: never ever stay in the same place for long if you’re either unfamiliar with the place, know its a hostile area or are actually under attack. Thats unless you’re Alan and have a masterplan to follow, you’ll see what I mean next week.

The 2nd batch is proceeding along nicely and was delivered to our friends at FAM Print in Bristol on Friday for printing. Those lucky lucky people who pre-ordered will be able to get their mits on a Hard Graft goody pack within two weeks. Very exciting times!!

As if a piece of performance art bemoaning the quality of overpaid British bankers, England’s footballers are heading home this week after a rather rubbish display (apparently I didn’t watch as Carry on up the Khyber was on Film4 at the time) against Germany.

Ah well personally I have more sympathy for our great nation’s cricketers and rugby players because at least when they flop they do it on a more reasonable wage. And besides, Rugby is a code that the Germans will never crack!