Uh oh! Do I detect a link to a previous wardrobe malfunction? I’m not one to drop hints but the evidence is pretty damning.

I think this side story is one of my best yet and Jules really is pulling out all the stops to make it as awesome as possible. This page thus in my opinion is really good. I’m a real big fan of it as you might be able to tell so I’m looking forward to the other five pages in this side story.

On the book front, I’m going to order the books in the next two weeks. I’m ordering through FAM who are based in Bristol and did a stand up job of my Webcomic Thing books back in February. They also allow any number of weird and wonderful orders from 1 to 100 which is nice for me and nicer for all you who have put down hard earnt dollars, euro or even Aussie plastic currency and suffered the indignity of having it all converted into Her Majesty’s monopoly money in order to pre-order.

The book is still in pre-order phase however so please if you want one let me know!