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And in true shambolic fashion Hard Graft is BACK! :D

Sorry but I forgot to do anything beyond adding the page which I did last week when Jules delivered the page to me. I’m making up for it now so chill winston. Happily we have another 7 pages of this arc to go yet :D

A lot of this advice is true. A lot of people think of chaps wearing mostly black with large flack/kevlar jackets with sunglasses toting expensive looking assault rifles screaming around in armoured 4x4s.

The reality is actually completely different. Competent private security people tend to be ultra low key, tend to spend days and sometimes weeks scouting their surroundings before the start of a job and many prefer to use whatever weapon they can get their hands on. The more expensive, the more likely someone (Taliban or Afghan Police) will want to kill you for it it seems.

If you want some advice, go pick up “The Circuit” by former SAS man Bob Shepherd. The man has spent a lot of time escorting various people around in the West Bank, Iraq and Afghanistan and knows exactly what he’s talking about.