Now SOP would dictate that one would withdraw quickly and head towards a pre-arranged rendezvous (because you would have recce’ed the route beforehand) before assessng whether whatever it was that you were meant to be doing can still go ahead.

Instead we see Alan and Bernadette go their seperate ways which in truth isn’t all that accurate but makes for much more dramatic reading!

Another day and another new webcomic appears on yonder horizon. But Spy6teen has a good pedigree behind it after running a very good Zuda campaign last year. Now they’re back to mix Totally Spies with Jason Bourne to create a very fun read!

BOOK NEWS! I ruin the book and someone new gets on the pre-order list! You crazy people, I really love you all!

FAM are working hard to get the new batch on its way. They’re just as gutted as I was that the original batch just wasn’t good enough and are working hard to rectify this situation. We’re going to be delayed but trust me it’ll be worth it.