Very quick post as I’m late for work but here is the latest comic!

Jules is currently fighting a battle against fitness so further updates in the future may be slow. We’re probably going to take a step back and see how we can get around this. More later this week.

Further thoughts:

Yes here is more Alan improvised CQB fun. Nail them with a flashbang and then nail them harder with some lead piping. Vintage stuff it really is.

I’m absolutely rushed off of my feet these past few weeks I’ve had to attend huge birthday bashes, Big Chill music festivals (Massive Attack was INCREDIBLE.. M.I.A was crap) go to lots of extra shifts at work and help out with Alex down at the stables, re-master all the TIFFs for the printers, do some script writing, review books and lots of other stuff all while nursing a twisted ankle!

Meanwhile Side Story 3 is drawing to a close. We’re also very close to kicking off Issue 3 where more glorious German action will be hitting your screens! After Issue 3 we’ll be doing some more side story action to get the rest of the story up to date!

Expect violence and some fresh faces to come to the fore! Really looking forward to it, are you???