Well this is the second time she’s had to be bailed out, one of the guys is almost naked she’s been sliced and diced that much and Alan might not have a cheekbone left after taking that boot to the face but…well…I guess they’ll all look back on this in time and laugh! Ah ahahahaha..ha…..ha…oh boy.

Anyway now we’re getting into unknown territory. They’ve killed more or less all their pursuers (or have they?) and if they can find some wheels they’ll have a free ride to Quetta! Surely nothing else can go wrong now..right?

I’m happy to confirm that I’ll be at the London Comic & Small Press expo 12 March, 2011.

We’ll be at Table 55 so come say hello if you’re in the area!

Edit: Also I’ll be on a forthcoming Webcomic Beacon podcast stay tuned for more details!