Well now we’ve gotten introductions out of the way we can continue on our merry excursion of mayhem! Or “fact finding trip” as they call it.

First of all ASHES UPDATE!!!: This -

This -

And this -

As one Australian commentator put it choking back the tears of abject humiliation and fury – “They [the fans] turned up in their tens of thousands to celebrate Test cricket but most found themselves at a funeral.” Just so you know over 85,000 turned up to watch England steamroll the Aussies. Superb.

One day I’ll offer one of you non UK Hard Graft fans the chance to sit with me for a day at an Ashes test match. Maybe we’ll make a beer snake together? Sing a little song or two (or even three) perhaps? Who knows!

Anyway back in the real world (that is outside of Aussie and English sporting living rooms)…

Sorry for the delay but theres been a few humps along the road to webcomic glory:

  1. I’ve been sorting out a move to central London. Yes I know that the advice from certain fabled British comic writers is not to move to central London but I work and I need somewhere convenient to commute from.  Its been highly stressful but I’ve finally sorted it.
  2. Work has been harsh.
  3. German has been pretty slow with updates. I won’t go into that.

The comic schedule therefore will be like this for 2011:

  • January – Jules then German for the rest of issue 3
  • January – December – Jules, Jules, Jules!

We’re going to be introducing the rest of the cast and explaining a bit more of the back story to Hard Graft. Seriously excited about this and I’m sure you all are as well. Onwards with issue 3!