So we have Bernadette looking like she’s come back from a Victoria Secret bukakke party, Alan looking like a 90 year old Captain Birdseye and Kathy once again wondering what the hell she got herself into when she accepted this whole photojournalism gig.

Same old, same old really.

After limping onto the 11th page of Issue 3 I’ll give you all a warning that there may be more delays ahead and on that note we may interrupt issue 3 with filler to keep you all entertained rather than not do anything as if the DVD has gotten stuck and no amount of clubbing will fix the player.

On the good news front I’ve gotten over the flu! It was really really bad. Sweating, shivering, shoulder pain, couldn’t breathe, sinuses were killing me, the works. You name it, I had it. My fucking god I was housebound for a week but now its over! Also I’m moving into my new flat this week and I’ll post pictures of the view. Very Gordon Gecko/UK Apprentice if you ask me!!!