It has been a pretty interesting few months behind the scenes here at Hard Graft towers since our last update which was waaay back in April. Thats almost five months? Incredible.

Anywayyou’re probably wondering why there has been such a massive gap between comics and I’m here to explain the relevant reasons why this is so. But first a few announcements.

Firstly Hard Graft issue one is now on! Check it out and buy one if you like Hard Graft on your mobile! Better still why not spread the word and let all your mates know!

Secondly unless something massive changes issue three will end early. I have my reasons why it has come to this but I don’t feel that the time is right to divulge them now. I know that many creators usually keep silent when there is a sudden change of artist but I feel that I owe it to my hardy band of fans that I at least let them know whats going to happen.

Thirdly I have tapped Jules to produce all content from the end of issue three onwards. I want quality and I also want reliability and Jules brings these to the table in cart loads in my opinion. She has her own distinct art style which is evolving all the time as she does more work and if you want to see what she has done recently then I urge you with every fibre of my being to check out Valkyrie Squadron which is an uncompromising sci-fi romp. If you’re not convinced after reading that then frankly you’ll never be I’m afraid.

This brings me onto my fourth and final announcement that we plan to cull issue 3 at 16 pages and then progress the story into issues 4 and 5 which I’ve already scripted. I’m already working on an issue 6.

If you have any comments, complaints, questions or all of the above then please comment below and I’ll be in touch to answer those.