Lets hope it doesn’t happen again then! Pfft! Who are we kidding? We wanna see more crazy dreams!

I think the power of dreams in dramas and thrillers are a vital way of conveying the story or at least making things stick in your mind until later. This is why side story four is so vitally important.

The weekend was a good laugh where I took part in a bike ride pub crawl as Professor Xavier and it was pretty hard having to pedal with two cardboard X-MEN wheels stuck to your legs!! Also maybe riding back home at 2am half drunk in pitch black darkness wasn’t a good idea but hey ho!

Anyway we’re looking forward resuming issue 3 which will be running for the next six to nine weeks so enjoy this last burst of German goodness while it lasts! :)

Also further updates: CHECK OUT THE NEW ARCHIVE PAGE! As you might have noticed, the menubar has slimmed down somewhat with everything looking much cleaner and speaking of cleaner I’ve completely revamped the archive page so it is actually usable and in order and so on.

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