Oooo! Ten page countdown to you know whaaat? Only taken me half a decade *grumble mutter*

Anyhoo onto the page. Alan is giving Kathy a run down as to why they’re there. They are there because a large amount of stuff that gets smuggled into Europe from Asia and Russia passes through here. Another fact is that about 93% of the world’s heroin is now produced in Afghanistan which floods into Europe via a mixture of porous borders in South Asia and the Caucasus.

A lot of Western Europe’s problem with heroin addiction stems from the Afghan question and whilst it is true that the Taliban did outlaw growing of the drug during their tenure they also used it as a highly profitable source of tax in leaner years. Also as the big man Ted Dibiase once said: “everyone has a price” and the average Taliban inspector was no exception if you were in the drugs trade and had a lot of disposable income to splash about.

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