REALLY SORRY FOR THE DELAY!!!! But as you’ll no doubt see there are reasons why the comic is late such as a 12 hour flight where I got bumped up to premium economy , working a straight 24 hours checking, re-checking and re-re-checking fibre links and this rather spectacular view from my suite on the 49th floor:

I rest my case. Yeah I’m working in Tokyo for a week and we managed to wangle our way into the Ritz Carlton. All aboard the freeness bus! :D

I’ve noticed that there has been a fair amount of speculation about who were flying in those choppers in the previous page. Some have scoured the various NATO/other forces in A’Stan while others have pointed to Pakistan.

I say again that the answers are in the wiki-verse and if today’s comic has anything it does have a huge five ton clue waiting for you to devour. However I would urge you to pay attention as those choppers will be returning sometime soon in this issue!