Another awkward silence is something up or arethey just dog tired? Find out next week! *dramatic music*

Saw that the last two pages caused a bit of debate in the comments so I’ll explain a couple of things later this evening. Suffice it to say however that some of your suspicions are well founded!

EDIT 17:29 GMT: Okay a few things people have been discussing as of late have been who are in the mysterious choppers. A few of you have come out with some good answers although the exact composition of the force heading towards the Talibob platoon house may surprise a few of you and I urge you all to flick back an issue (or perhaps a side story) or two for clues.

Work has been very busy and for some reason I completely forgot to update last monday so for that I seriously apologise. Very bad form on my part and all that. I may get some help to get stuff posted on time if I am away on business (which I will be throughout November).

As for the comic I have been working hard with Jules. Issue four has been finalised and issue five is close to completion. We’ve even made a good start on issue six. We’re aiming to link a lot of stuff we’ve mentioned in the past three issues and multiple side stories together, introduce new characters and bring more action to your screens. I’m thinking that we can start working on book 2 as well as some other projects considering the sheer amount of material we have now.

Further edit: Also remember to listen to Noel Gallagher’s new album which is amazing.