Wooo! Chapter four is finally, finally here! Seriously excited about what we’re going to be exploring in this part of the Hard Graft story. And also officially page 101 will be hitting the interwebs next week! Excited? I definitely am!

I’ve been having a think about things I could sell apart from books and I think I’ve got an idea which is a nice little Hard Graft gift pack with:

  • A signed postcard
  • Some badges
  • A fridge magnet
  • A selection of awesome stickers

I just need to package everything up so it actually looks nice. I’m thinking of creating a nice banner with a price board on there for when I finally make a return to conventions I don’t look like a total gypo hawking something I stole from Waterstones.

I’ve been cycling to work a fair bit these days and after seeing awesome people like Gaz545′s Silly Cyclists site I thought I’d get in on the action and video my commute to work. So to do that I jury rigged a camera mount for my helmet which records everything in front of it. Looking forward to testing it out tomorrow! :D

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Anyway until then see you next week!