And here we are! Chapter 4 begins noooow and it looks like we’re going to be introduced to a whole load of new characters straight away! This looks like a bit of a crunch meeting and we already see that our American Cousins are not very diplomatic.

The Cabinet Office

What used to be the old Treasury building, now the Cabinet Office on Whitehall.

The process behind making this page was rather painstaking. I had envisaged a crunch meeting in the Foreign Office or the Cabinet Office both of which are either on or quite near to Whitehall which is the nexus of power in the United Kingdom. Much of the Great Offices of State (The Prime Minister, the Chancellor, the Foreign Secretary and the Home Secretary) all reside at Whitehall in some cases literally for the PM and Chancellor (who both live in theory at Downing Street). Whitehall itself cuts across what used to be part of the grand palace at Whitehall which was the seat of the Monarch until the late 17th century when it was destroyed by fire.So the scene should call for a show down in one of the opulent rooms at Whitehall.

FCO interior

The ceiling above the state stairs at the FCO building

And none are as opulent and frankly amazing as the interior of the Foreign Office. You can visit the place and see inside for one weekend a year during London Open House but it certainly is a hidden gem. Designed at the height of British Imperial power in the 19th century and taking a passage from the psalms it leaves you with absolutely no doubt as to who ran the show:

Let the people praise thee o god yea let all the people praise thee o let all the nations rejoice and be glad for thou shalt judge the folk righteously and govern the nations upon the earth.

The place is a total gem and even this gallery taken in 2011 doesn’t do the place justice. If you’re in London during the next open weekend I’d pay a visit.

The problem was though that this meeting is being chaired by the Cabinet Secretary and thus needs to be in the Cabinet Office. So we’ve taken some liberties and mixed the two together just so you can get a taste of the hubris that runs throughout the modern British state today.

I’ll explain some more in the coming weeks but until then take in all the new characters!

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