Tensions rising! Omigod, awkward balloon, etc. Looks like Stacey has David wrapped round her all American American finger.

Massive apologies for the delays in getting the new page up and running. Me and Jules have had to run a gauntlet of disease and various events work and otherwise which has distracted us from our quest to deliver yet more amazing Hard Graft goodness to your doorstep on a Monday morning. I myself have been:

  • Flying across America.
  • Heckling souvenir hawkers at Dealey Plaza in Dallas. (“THATS NOT A REAL BLOODY SOUVENIR!”)
  • Buying flip flops in San Francisco (a big hello to Kyle Mizokami who showed me around)
  • Had some strange Thai in Chicago.
  • Had to wear a stetson cowboy hat everywhere I flew. Tres┬áBrokeback.