Restarting this because I definitely should pontificate to you what you guys need to read on t’internet.

  1. British born Oxbridge educated man causes chaos on the streets of Bangkok. Who knew?! To be honest theres more to it than that but it is still a good joke.
  2. Sunk ROK Covette mystery deepens. Not that we don’t know who did it more how does one react to it?
  3. Respected former SAS and mercenary man Bob Shepherd gives his two pence over the phoney debate on Britain’s so called “independent” nuclear deterrent.
  4. Whilst I become BabaTim’s biggest fan after he name drops legendary war correspondent Max Hastings. He also talks about corruption and the fallacy of NATO’s so called “surge”.
  5. Saracens beat Saints 27 – 28. Because I’m a Fezboy and proud.
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