This is the story so far. WARNING! There are spoilers ahead!

Issue one

American photojournalist Kathy Easter thinks back to how she came to be in her current circumstances. Whilst covering a natural disaster in Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) she is kidnapped by an unknown gang. Taken to a safe house she is held against her will for a time.

One day she is dramatically sprung from captivity by an unknown British man known as Alan who appears to be in a hurry and highly professional (if unorthodox) in his methods. After a desperate flight south the pair are ambushed before they are saved by an Irish woman known later as Bernadette who appears to be one of the man’s colleagues.

Issue two

After mopping up the ambush, Alan & Kathy continue on before arriving at a village which is under attack from CIA or US Air Force drones striking a Madrassa but appears to have hit surrounding buildings causing collateral damage. In amongst the mayhem, Kathy is left outside and Alan meets up with his contact and Bernadette.

After Kathy is picked up by local Taliban, Alan & Bernadette hatch a daring rescue plan which results in a building being burnt down, Bernadette blowing away people with her shotgun and CQB awesomeness and Alan mowing down noobs with his MG3.

However despite Kathy being thrown to freedom, Bernadette is pulled back into the flames whilst Alan gets taken prisoner as the building burns but as Alan watches (along with his now very scared captors) Bernadette emerges bloodied and looking very very angry.

Issue three

A furious Bernadette launches a ferocious attack on the Taliban and Alan frees himself after his captor is distracted. A vicious fight ensues which results in everyone bar our intrepid band of heroes dying. After finding Kathy the trio head off on a stolen pick up and hide in an abandoned house on the way to Quetta.

Side story one.

Bernadette is called to snowy Prague where she is recruited by Alan after a less than standard interview process. Alan initially has his doubts that a Woman can hack it in his plan but is convinced by a very powerful performance from Bernadette.

Side story two

Alan & Bernadette head to Tajikistan to capture a package travelling from Russia to an unknown destination. They have a nice chat with a local Russian Mafia capo who reveals that it has been shipped south to Pakistan via Afghanistan and that official looking Europeans were present. Alan kneecaps the mobster who promptly has a good cry.

Side story three

Alan & Bern then head into Afghanistan where after battling through the chaos of Kandahar they find that the package is waiting for transport across the border in Pakistan. After leaving their contact they run into another ambush which Alan successfully quashes using quick wits and Macgyver-esque ingenuity. We also see where Alan gets the bike from.

 Side story four

To come!